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5 Lovely Wood Signs for Your Dorm Room

5 Lovely Wood Signs for Your Dorm Room jennygems

Here are some of our favorite wood signs that would go along with any dorm decor.

Back to school season is fast approaching. This past year has disrupted school and college life for countless students. Fortunately, many students have been able to go back to school in person, and this is a perfect time to start decorating your new dorm room. Here are some of our favorite wood signs that would go along with any dorm decor.

True Friends

If you are moving away from your hometown for college, saying goodbye to your friends can be tough. With this charming wood sign, you will always be reminded of your friends back home and how much they mean to you. In today’s age, we are always so busy with work, school, and other responsibilities that we sometimes forget to take time for our loved ones that make our lives so much better. You and your friends could even get matching signs for your dorm rooms as a reminder of your friendship.

Sorority Sign

No sorority house would be complete without a contemporary and unique sign that speaks to the bond a sorority creates. The pink background and classy font go perfectly with any decor. The message encapsulates all the different personalities of famous women, such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. This sign would be a great gift for a sorority sister or mentor.

It’s Wine Time

This sign makes a perfect decorative dorm room accent. Adds realness and warmth to your dorm room with this meaningful sign. Bonding with your roommates over a bottle of wine is basically a college pastime at this point. This unique sign makes a great decoration for anyone who enjoys wine with classic, neutral colors and easy-to-read style. Throw the best parties in your dorm by tying the room together with a unique home sign.

Learning in Progress

Education is always the top priority in college. But in these unprecedented times, distance and online learning have become the norm. Learning on your own can be difficult and requires a lot of attention and concentration. Put this sign up in your dorm to let others know that you are busy working and not to bother you unless they can help with your math homework!

You Are Stronger Than You Think

There may come a time when life begins to stress you out, and it feels like nothing is going your way. This motivational sign can serve as a reminder that you are much stronger and more capable than you think. You have bounced back from bad times before, and you can do it again. Hang this charming sign up in your dorm room, so you never forget this important message.

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