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Revamp Your Business with Handmade Wood Signs

Revamp Your Business with Handmade Wood Signs jennygems

Cafes, restaurants, and smaller stores are perfect places to showcase these custom wood signs that have a rustic and homey aesthetic.

If you own a business, you understand the importance of designing your space so customers feel comfortable and welcomed. Here at JennyGems, we specialize in handmade home signs decor signs that will fit perfectly into a business or office setting. Cafes, restaurants, and smaller stores are perfect places to showcase these custom wood signs that have a rustic and homey aesthetic. Here are a few unique signs you can hang in your business to attract customers.

Please Seat Yourself

This cheery and fun decor sign is excellent for a self-seating restaurant, cafe, or pub. The wooden sign has a simple font and is black with white lettering. The sign measures 6x13in and is decorated with a jute string and hook for hanging. If you want customers to choose their own seats instead of waiting for a host or hostess, hang this sign near the entrance to ensure customers can read it. 


Are you tired of the standard restroom signs and want something more unique for your business? This decorative, handmade bathroom sign reads “Restrooms” and shows both a pirate & mermaid on the front. This sign works great in a coastal or beach-themed restaurant or bar. This adorable decor sign is sure to make guests smile! Showing both pirate and mermaid designs, it’s perfect for an all-inclusive environment where the bathroom is gender non-specific.

Wifi Password

When working in an office, restaurant, or lounge, it can be frustrating when customers constantly ask you for the wifi password. Luckily, you will never have to worry about that again with this custom wood sign. This WIFI sign has a chalkboard finish, so you can easily erase it if your password changes. Businesses such as a doctor’s office, vacation rental property, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, airline clubs, bookstores & hotels will benefit from having this sign.  It is practical, clean, and easy to read.

Wash Your Hands

Now more than ever, it is important to keep your hands clean and free of germs. This is a great sign to remind your customers to wash their hands when in your store or business. This important saying and humorous decor sign about washing your hands will fit well with bathroom wall art. In a business setting, this sign can be included with your office wall decor in the restroom. This cute decor sign is sure to make customers and guests laugh when they see it!

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