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How to Build an Easy DIY Frame for Your Home Sign

These days, more people are devoting time to DIY projects than ever before. With so many people working remotely, it’s good to make use of some of the extra free time you might have. If you’ve recently purchased a home sign—or built your own—you might want to consider building a frame to match it. While plenty of signs look great without a frame, a well-built one can really help to set it off. But framing services can be expensive. Why not build a cheap and easy DIY frame for your home sign?

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Are you looking to build a cheap, easy DIY frame for your new home sign? Take a look at this guide.

What You’ll Need

A lot of what you’ll need for this project you may already have lying around the house. What you don’t have can be picked up cheaply from any local hardware store.

  • Wood screws
  • Saw (ideally, a circular saw or saw table)
  • 1×3 in. pine boards
  • Tape measure
  • Clamps
  • Stain or paint

Once you’ve gathered these materials, it’s time to get started!

Measure Your Sign

First, you’ll have to measure your sign. Using the tape measure, take a note of the lengths and widths of the product. You’re going to want to add about one inch to either the sides or the top and bottom to allow you to screw them together. The sides are the more traditional choice to lengthen. Simply add one inch to the lengths of the sides and measure the top and bottom exactly—or the opposite if you’d prefer.

Cut the Wood

Now that you have the dimensions for your frame, it’s time to cut the pine boards you picked up from the hardwood store. Using a pencil or pen and a ruler, draw lines where you’re going to make the cuts on the board. Make sure these lines are as straight as possible, or the frame will look sloppy. To double-check that it’s perfectly flat, you can stand the board on its end and use a level.

It’s time to get sawing. Because these cuts need to be perfectly straight, a circular saw or—if you’re lucky enough to have one—a table saw is well suited to this job. Remember to take all your proper safety precautions when using power tools. Wear safety goggles and keep your eyes on your work.

Screw the Boards Together

With your wood all cut and ready to go, all that’s left is to screw the boards together. We’re going to go the easy way. Simply use your clamps to pull the boards as tightly together as you can. Then, use your wood screws to attach the extended pieces to the shorter ones. When you’re done, you should have a perfect square or rectangle.

Paint or Stain the Frame

For many people, this is the fun part. It’s time to paint or stain the nearly completed frame. As tempting as it might be to use bright colors, only do so if you’re confident you’ll remain happy with that choice for years to come. After all, you want your home sign to decorate the walls of your home for quite a while. Consider a color that sets off the aspect of the sign you’d most like to emphasize.

Once this is done, all that’s left is to secure the sign in the easy DIY frame and admire your work. We’re sure you’ll love glancing at your expertly framed home sign, and your enjoyment will be enhanced by the knowledge that you built it yourself.

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