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Six Home Signs that Make Great Housewarming Gifts

For many, life was disrupted significantly in 2020. But that didn’t stop a fair share of people from moving. With the new year holiday having come and gone, many are looking to start fresh in a new home or apartment. If you have a friend or family member who’s doing the same, you might be on the look-out for housewarming gifts. Here are a few home signs we think might be a good fit.

Six Home Signs that Make Great Housewarming Gifts

Do you have a friend or family member who recently moved? These signs would make great housewarming gifts.

Don’t Be Gross – Wash Your Hands

Regardless of the pandemic, regularly washing your hands is just common sense, and good etiquette. This is even more true when you’re visiting someone else’s home. A lot of people overlook decorations for the bathroom when they move, but this is where you can step up to the plate. Consider this sign humorously urging guests to wash their hands.

My Favorite Wine Is The Wine We Drink Together

Alcohol is foundational to many relationships—for better or worse. If your friend who has moved is one of your best drinking friends, this sign might be a good fit. After all, housewarming gifts are generally a testament to deep friendships.

All You Need Is Love And Your Best Friend

Speaking of friendship, our next home sign is perfect if the person you’re giving it to is your best friend. This sign is the perfect way to show them how meaningful they are to you. Chances are, if you’re giving someone a housewarming gift, they number among your very best friends.

Life is Too Short for Matching Socks

Most people have a friend or two who they’ve caught wearing socks that didn’t match. If this sounds like your friend who’s recently moved, then this sign is the perfect fit for them. Even regardless of your friend’s personality, this sign would be welcome on the walls of just about any laundry room. Who hasn’t mysteriously lost a sock or two in the wash?

All You Need Is A Hug And A Pug

Not everyone loves pugs, but the people who do love pugs really love them. If your friend falls into this group, then they’ll love this sign. Whatever dog breed is your friend’s favorite, we probably have a sign that will work for them, too.

Happy Spouse – Happy House

Sometimes, you need to buy a ‘housewarming gift’ for your own house. If you’ve recently moved into a new home with your spouse, give some thought to this sign. It won’t just be a gift to your spouse, but a pledge of commitment that will make them feel loved.

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