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Practical Uses for Home Signs

Most people feel drawn to wooden home signs for their visual appeal. This is understandable; they can add undeniable charm to almost any residential or even business setting. But have you considered the practical uses of home signs?

Just because you want your sign to serve a practical purpose doesn’t mean it can’t be nice to look at, too. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Practical Uses for Home Signs

Just because home signs serve a practical purpose doesn’t mean they can’t be nice to look at, too. Here are some of our favorite practical sign ideas!

Wash Your Hands!

These days, cleanliness and sanitation are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. For many people, their determination to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds may have dwindled over time. For this reason, consider a home sign that reminds your guests (and maybe even yourself) to wash their hands thoroughly.

Beware of Dog

You’ve likely seen your fair share of unsightly ‘beware of dog’ signs posted to trees. Even if your dog is a sweetheart, putting up some sort of warning for people with dog allergies or phobias might be a good idea. And you can incorporate some humor, too. Check out our funny signs about animals category for inspiration.

Do Not Disturb

Working remotely has its perks and its challenges. If you live with children or a nosey spouse, you might have to deal with them barging into your home office while you’re in a meeting. If you want to prevent this, a sticky note can only go so far. A home sign hung on the door will be far bigger, more eye-catching, and effective.

Leave Packages (Or Don’t!)

Many people are doing more of their shopping online now than ever before. This means you might be getting a lot of packages delivered to your doorstep. Tired of being startled by your doorbell or loud knocking every time you get a delivery? Put up a sign asking them not to knock or ring the doorbell unless they need a signature.

Many people have had issues with package theft. In this case, you can use a home sign to urge your postal workers to leave packages in a hidden spot if they can’t get your attention.

Remove Your Shoes

Many households are strictly no-shoes places. But it’s not always easy to remind your guests every time they come over. And if you’re the guest yourself, it can be hard to tell if your host has a shoe policy in their home. A home sign near the front door can help to make this matter clearer.

Some of these signs are available ready-made in our shop. If you have an idea you can’t find there, try our custom order feature or, if you’re feeling crafty, build one yourself!

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